Using the CAB8 and CAB12 without an interposer

Though our interposers offer a wide variety of connectivity options, you may want to just plug the bulky CAB8 or CAB12 directly into your application. We use high-density D-sub connectors from the AMP-TE AMPLIMITE 0.50 Series, which can be purchased from any of the large online distributors (e.g. Farnell, Digikey, Mouser). Part numbers for right-angle and vertical connectors are listed in the table below.

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See you at BQIT 2019!

We’re happy to announce that we are a Bronze sponsor at this year’s Bristol Quantum Information Technologies Workshop BQIT, April 1-3. This is really exciting for us because it’s the first conference we have sponsored, and it’s with our favourite people, QETlabs, here in Bristol.

We’ll have a booth set up with some demos throughout the conference, and both of us (Liz and Josh) will be there, so come and say hi. Come check out our existing products, and an exciting new product to launch too! And don’t forget to pick up some swag-nets while you’re at it.

How to connect to your chip

This question comes up often. In this post, we outline some of the different approaches and discuss the interposers which we stock for various scenarios. If none of our existing interposers meet your needs, please contact us with your special product request.

We stock a variety of interposer PCBs. These take in the bulky 60 or 68-way cables from our line of docks and break them out into smaller connectors for wiring your devices. Most interposers present two or more identical output connectors. Some contain integrated patch panels, to allow manual re-wiring of the device. Others are directly wired, and rely on reconfiguration in software.

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