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Modular and flexible, our systems interoperate, work together, and apart just as well. Solutions for (almost) every photonic control problem.


No huge downloads, no naff GUIs, open and published interfaces, crystal clear documentation, and personal support.


Enough power for the hungriest heaters and lasers, while precise and quiet enough for the most sensitive experiments.

Photonics is Now

You are changing the world. Our controllers can help you develop, test, and deploy the photonic devices of the future.

Taking Qontrol

Since 2016

From quantum

In 2013, the experiments in our Bristol lab outgrew the instruments from well known manufacturers, so to keep building bigger and bigger quantum photonics, we had to develop our own.

To the world

In 2016, we launched the Q8, our first module. Through word-of-mouth, we connected with labs around the world.

To today

In 2024, we are still striving, offering more, and powering more photonics than ever before.

To the future…


Different modules


Years experience


Labs powered by us

Fancy a try?

Our products speak for themselves—see how they work for you with a test kit, including everything you need to get started.

Different is good

SOI thermal phase shifters, plasma dispersion modulators, germanium photodiodes

SiOxNy thermal modulators

LNOI modulator bias, poling

InP laser drive, modulator bias, photodiode readout

Have something different? Ask us what we can do.

What people are saying…

Alex Sludds


Qontrol’s electronics are the best off-the-shelf system available to enable rapid prototyping of large-scale photonic circuits. They combine precise control with large channel counts and ease of use.

Jianwei Wang

Peking University

Qontrol’s drivers work perfectly for our quantum photonics and quantum computing experiments. The team has supported us and helped us build a custom system that’s exactly what we needed.

Joaquin Matres


As a hardware engineer, reliable software drivers are essential. Qontrol equipment is not only easily accessible but also works seamlessly in Python. These things have become invaluable for my projects.

Future Photonic Control

Ultra fast

Large scale

General purpose


Go ahead, take control

Use our state-of-the-art photonic controllers in your next project. We can offer bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions to many problems in photonic system design: from bias control for large-scale photonic devices, and large-scale photocurrent readout, through to automated motion control for coupling and alignment.


Systems built

bias control

Current and voltage control


Sensitive photocurrent readout

motion control

Precise linear actuation