We want to make controlling complex photonic and quantum photonic devices easy and economical. From our headquarters in Bristol, UK, we design the analog driver electronics and infrastructure you need to make your devices and systems work, all controlled simply from a PC. All our products are designed and assembled by us, in Bristol, and manufactured elsewhere in the UK and across the EU.

Josh Silverstone

Josh loves electronics and photonics. He holds a BSc in Engineering Physics from the University of Alberta, Canada. He carried out his PhD research at the Centre for Quantum Photonics of the University of Bristol, where he pushed the envelope on the scale of silicon quantum photonic devices. Josh provides the design and engineering know-how behind our products.

Liz Martin-SilverstoneVersion 2

Liz is organised. Ordinarily, she is a palaeonto­logist with an interest in extinct flying animals. She handles the administrative and logistical aspects of Qontrol, and keeps things running smoothly. She makes things right when they go wrong, and is always happy to help.

Qontrol Ltd. is registered in England and Wales, with company number 12463458, and VAT number GB 346 8250 85. Our labs are at 1 Cathedral Square, Bristol, UK.