One-stop shop for PIC testing: a new partnership

Qontrol Systems and Maple Leaf Photonics are joining forces to develop integrated test and measurement systems

Today we are excited to announce a new collaboration between Maple Leaf Photonics (MLP) and Qontrol Systems, to bring streamlined integrated photonics test and measurement to the market. This collaboration will merge the optomechanical and system-level capabilities of MLP with Qontrol’s state-of-the-art electro-optic controllers.

Maple Leaf Photonics and Qontrol demonstration system at Photonics West, 2018.

Together, we aim to create a one-stop shop for chip-scale photonics testing, enabling complex parametric opto-electronic tests, in a fully automated fashion. We are building feature-rich, integrated systems to provide users with new capabilities at a fraction of the hassle and cost of existing solutions.

Dr. Shon Schmidt, CEO of Maple Leaf Photonics, said, “integrating Qontrol’s hardware into our automated probe station provides a new capability that enables our customers to create their PIC products. We’re really excited about our collaboration with Qontrol and delivering new scalable solutions for automated PIC testing.

From Qontrol Systems, Dr. Josh Silverstone added: “Maple Leaf Photonics gives us a new system-level perspective, and tunes us in to the North American market. MLP’s chip-scale testing is already uniquely capable; we’re thrilled to push it even further. This could be a very exciting partnership for us. Watch this space.

Stay tuned for more details. Excited as we are? Contact us with questions or comments at [email protected] and [email protected].

Dr. Shon Schmidt (left), CEO of MLP, and Dr. Josh Silverstone (right) of Qontrol with the demonstration system at Photonics West, 2018.