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Backplane for hosting 12 new-style driver modules.

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Backplane for docking 12 driver modules. Compatible with all Q8iv models, old Q8 models with an adapter, and future models. Provides inputs for: USB, analog input power (see driver documentation for input power requirements), digital input power (optional), and daisy-chain connections. Output is via shielded connector (AMP 5787170-9) which provides 96 channels and dedicated 4 ground wires (more can be added by using driver module blanks). Connection to interposer via CAB12 shielded cable.

2 thoughts on “BP12

  1. Hi Hossam! We don’t yet have a manual for the BP12, but when we do, we’ll post it here. The analog input voltage depends on the driver you are using (for a Q8iv, input between 15 and 24 V; for a Q8, input between 20 and 26 V). The digital input voltage (on the barrel connector) is optional; if you provide it, it should be 5±0.5 V. FTDI USB drivers are required (these are probably already installed on your PC). The BP12 uses our HD100 shielded cables.

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