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8-channel ultra-precise driver module with rich capabilities.

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This driver module, designed for silicon photonics, contains 8 ultra-precise fully programmable channels. It uses a new card-edge connector system which is easier to use and more robust than its predecessor. Adapters are available. Next-generation fully shielded backplane, cable, and interposer infrastructure to fit the new connectors are now available. Drop us an email at [email protected] with requests and enquiries.


  • 8 software-defined input/output channels
    • Channels configurable as voltage output, current output, ground, voltage or current sense
  • Hardware voltage and current control (12 V, 24 mA)
  • 16-bit output precision (±180 µV, ±370 nA)
  • 18-bit input accuracy

Output circuit diagram

Referring to the diagram, nominal performance values are as follows. Values with ‘±’ are digitisation step sizes (i.e. resolution) and also target accuracy.

  • a = 0..12 V ± 180 µV @ +15 mA max
  • b = 0..24 mA ± 370 nA @ 15 V max
  • c = 1.6 Ω max
  • d = –24..+24 mA ± 740 nA
  • e = 0..12 V ± 50 µV

Additional information

Primary control method

current, voltage

Current measurement precision

740 nA

Maximum output current (per channel)

24 mA

Maximum output voltage

12 V

Minimum input voltage (from power supply)

12 V

Maximum input voltage (from power supply)

30 V

No. of outputs


Electrical protection

electrostatic discharge, programmable over-current, programmable over-voltage, reverse-polarity, short-circuit

Current control resolution

370 nA

Voltage control resolution

180 µV

Voltage measurement precision

50 µV

4 thoughts on “Q8iv

    1. Hi Lyndon, thanks for your interest! If you optimise your control on the software side (using our binary command set, flushing serial buffers properly, etc.) this hardware can reach a little beyond 1000 updates per second. Feel free to drop us an email for more info/data!

    1. Hi Hossam! Thank you for pointing out this ambiguity. We’ve now updated the website to clarify that these are the maximum and minimum input voltages from the power supply.

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