Hello! I'm Joshua Silverstone, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the Quantum Engineering Technology Labs of the University of Bristol, and founder and CTO of Qontrol Ltd.. This page is a short introduction to me and my work.

Below is: my CV, other places you can find me online, and some downloads. Contact me by (e)mail at:
Centre for Quantum Photonics, University of Bristol
H. H. Wills Physics Laboratory, Tyndall Avenue,
Bristol BS8 1TL, UK

or at
Qontrol Ltd.
1 Cathedral Square
Bristol BS1 5DD, UK



The quantum nature of light can help us solve some of today's problems crunching big data, to do so, though, we need quantum photonic devices and systems on an entirely new scale. I founded the Big Photon Lab to approach this problem with fundamental and applied research in large-scale quantum optics, with big mid-infrared photons, and I founded Qontrol to accelerate electronic solutions for the quantum photonics community. We are narrowing the technology gap.

I earned a BSc in Engineering Physics from the University of Alberta, graduating in 2011. At the University of Bristol, I earned my PhD as an Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholar, under the joint supervision of Profs. Jeremy O'Brien and Mark Thompson. I completed my PhD thesis, Entangled light in silicon waveguides, in 2015, which was the International Year of Light. I founded Qontrol Systems LLP in 2016, with my wife, Liz; in 2020 this became Qontrol Ltd.. In 2018, the Leverhulme Trust generously funded my Early Career Fellowship, Silicon quantum computing: light work with long waves to start work on mid-infrared quantum photonics in silicon, and in 2020, the UKRI even more generously offered me a Future Leaders Fellowship to scale up my vision and found the Big Photon Lab.


Selected (occasionally updated) publications are shown below. Please see my Google Scholar profile for a complete list.

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My experience covers a wide variety of tools and techniques, which I will list here when I'm feeling narcissistic. For now, look at my Research Gate profile.


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