We have a string of exciting products, coming soon! In addition to our new suite of motion control products, we’ve been busy developing all kinds of new products, from optical readout, to a new lineup of DC driver modules.

We are always happy to talk about what’s brewing in our labs—reach out to us at [email protected].

Photodiode readout

Available June 2021

  • 12 nA noise floor (120 pA resolution)
  • 20 mA maximum reading
  • 8 input channels
  • bipolar inputs

On-chip photodiodes are increasingly available in germanium and indium phosphide, and can perform all kinds of functions, from active device calibration to spectroscopy. Reading out large numbers of these photodiodes though can be a challenge.

Our upcoming S8i current sense module integrates directly with our driver modules and can provide current readings across 8 channels, from 12 nA to 20 mA (about –49 dBm to +13 dBm). The S8i is ideally suited to reading high-dynamic-range photocurrents. These modules can be stacked in our standard BP8 and BP12 backplanes to provide a scalable solution to reading out many photodiodes at the same time, and they can be mixed and matched in a backplane with our other modules.

The S8i will be the first module to feature our new milled aluminum enclosures.

Multi-channel optical powermeter

Available June 2021

  • 32 channels
  • 1100 nm to 1650 nm sensitivity

Leveraging our new photocurrent measurement capability, we will also soon be releasing the PM32, a 32-channel powermeter, with near infrared sensitivity from 1100 nm to 1650 nm. With a CAB8 connection on the back, it connects conveniently to existing BP8 backplanes, but also mates with a new backplane designed specifically to house 4 of our new S8i current sensing modules.

New driver modules


Available July 2021

  • ±5 V hardware voltage source (bipolar)
  • ±200 mA hardware current source/sink
  • 160 µV resolution
  • 3 µA resolution


Coming Autumn 2021

  • 0–20 V hardware voltage source
  • ±100 mA (< 10 V) and ±50 mA (< 20 V) hardware current source/sink
  • 350 µV resolution
  • 1.5 µA resolution

The Q8, released in 2016 and discontinued in 2018, was Qontrol’s first driver module. It was general purpose, aimed at thermo-optic modulators, and was well loved. We are giving it a refresh for 2021 and putting it in the middle of our driver module product line, ideally suited to drive all sorts of thermo-optic modulators, with an impressive 1 W drive capability into both 200 Ω and 100 Ω loads.


Coming in 2022

  • 0–40 V hardware voltage source (only)
  • isolated outputs with shared ground point
  • ±25 mA source/sink capability
  • 700 µV resolution
  • 0.8 µA resolution

Sometimes biases are required for higher-voltage devices, like avalanche photodiodes and electro-optic modulators. The Q8v will be able to provide these at scale.

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