Read all about Qontrol’s new motion control products in our announcement, here.

M2 Motion Controller

A two-channel stepper motor driver module, capable of driving small motors for laboratory automation. It offers up precision, with up to 256 micro steps per full step, power, with up to 1.3A of maximum current per motor winding, and speed, with up to 6200 micro steps per second.


  • Two stepper motors can be controlled
  • 256 microstep precision
  • 1.3 amp drive (maximum)
  • Programmable hardware interlock


ACTL2 Linear Actuator

A precision linear stepper actuator with a threaded interface. it can mate with externally M22x0.75 threaded flanges, like those on the Thorlabs MAX300 and MAX600 series of multi-axis stages.


  • 19.6mm travel
  • 3.175 um per full step
  • Single-side interlock